The Quincy Reports Violent Crime In New Brunswick

The city of New Brunswick, New Jersey, has had more than it’s share of violent crimes during the course of a year. Normally a quiet area, the city has been plagued with the unlawful use of guns. Although no fatalities were reported, two separate incidences of gun related crimes caught the attention of the residents causing panic. One such incident occurred on November 30, 2012. A pizza delivery driver was attempting to deliver pizza to a resident of an apartment complex. When the driver arrived at the address, he was informed by the resident that she did not order any pizza. As the driver was returning to his vehicle, he was approached by three men who claimed to have ordered the pizza.


The driver gave them the pizza, at that time one of the men put a pistol to the head of the driver and demanded money. The driver gave everything to the three men, and they left in a car that was parked in a nearby parking lot. The driver was not injured in that incident. Investigation of the crime, and cell phone site records provided police with a suspect. He was arrested and is now serving time in the Middlesex County Correction facility. Another incident, not related to the first, was highlighted on October 3.


This was the reported case of a 19 year old male who had been found shot in both legs. His injuries were not life threatening. He described his assailants as two black men and one Hispanic man. One of the black men was about six feet tall. This one was identified as the shooter. The only description that the victim could give on the Hispanic man was that he had curly hair. No description of the other black man was given. This shooting took place at an apartment complex at 33 Commercial Avenue in New Brunswick. No arrests were made, and police are asking the entire community to be on the look out for these three. The crime rate in New Brunswick has risen above the national average, and has apartment dwellers in fear.


Dr. Scott Rocklage: Helping Early-Stage Life-Science Entrepreneurs Through 3AM Ventures

Venture capital firm 5AM Venture managing partner Dr. Scott Rocklage isn’t afraid to be involved in measured risk-taking. He has long been involved in cutting–edge medical research and the development of innovative drugs and medicines. He has helped the drugs Teslascan, Cubicin and Omniscan to get FDA approval, gotten several others into clinical trials and works with researchers, physician and entrepreneurs every day to turn their ideas into medicines, treatments and medical technologies to increase the length and quality of people’s lives.


For 30 years, since earning his BA in chemistry from UC Berkley and a chemistry PhD from MIT, Dr. Scott Rocklage has held executive positions with a wide range of biomedical companies, gained healthcare management experience and had strategic leadership responsibilities. He also over two dozens U.S. patents and his writings have appeared in more than 100 peer-reviewed scientific journals. He is a perfect fit for 5AM Ventures. There he can identify life science companies with viable ideas and get them the financial support and guidance they need to succeed.


Prior to becoming a venture partner at 5AM Ventures in 2003, Dr. Scott Rocklage was executive or board member with Cubist Pharmaceuticals, Nycomed Salutar, Relypsa, Novira, Semprus, Miikana and Ilypsa. He was also involved in research and development with Salutar, Catalytica and many others. Dr. Rocklage is currently on the chairman of the board at Cidara, Kinestral, Rennovia, Epirus and Pulmatrix. He also shared a lab with Nobel Prize winner Richard R. Schrock at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His focus is now on early stage life science based companies and the viability of their products.


Based in 5AM Ventures’ Boston, Massachusetts office, Dr. Scott Rocklage spends his days focused on life science, working with the portfolio management team and attending board meetings. He closely monitors the explosive growth in unique, targeted cancer treatments. Dr. Rocklage is excited about the medical developments he sees taking place in the near future. Known for being very well organized and a master of time management and prioritization, Dr. Rocklage also knows how important it is for new companies to have the right people on their staff and can share that with the companies in which 5AM Ventures invests.


Dr. Rocklage can help early stage companies to understand how important it is to stay true to what they do well and not stray away from their strengths and they can succeed.


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Jeremy Goldstein: Employees Benefit Consultant and Problem Solver

Jeremy Goldstein is considered to be one of the best in the industry for legal advice associated with workers benefits. Many corporations often seek his advice because of his experience — over 15 years in the legal industry as a lawyer. In addition, Jeremy Goldstein has established his own independent firm and worked with a comparable organization in New York.


Stock options have been a staple of all companies in America since its invention. Unfortunately, this may come to a halt because American corporations have stopped providing its employees the option. Jeremy Goldstein believes there are three main reasons corporations decide against stock options.


Firstly, Goldstein firmly believes that when the stock price drops below profitability, employees are no longer interested, nor motivated to depend on the option, rendering it useless. All businesses have expenses and often, they cause the price to dip, which leaves the stockholders on a hang. Secondly, many employees are skeptical about the option. They are fully aware of the economic downturns and situations, thus they tend to avoid stock options. Lastly, these options are a tremendous burden on the financial aspects of the business. In simpler terms, businesses constantly lose money when they have the stock option available.


Although the problems may seem evident, there are clear advantages to having stock options. For example, employees will prefer it over other compensation methods such as additional wages. In essence, they provide value to the employees.


As Jeremy Goldstein explains, the solution to this problem is the knockouts option. These have the same effect as the stock options but with a key difference, if the stock price falls below a certain limit, employees lose their option altogether. This could have several benefits and fixes many of the problems with stock options.


With such experience and expertise, the knockouts option is only one of several workers benefit solutions provided by Goldstein. He has played an important role in various companies such as Verizon, Chevron, and Merck. In addition, he has served on eminent boards all over America.


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Glen Wakeman Knows a Lot About Finances

Glen Wakeman is based in South Florida. He spends a lot of time in and around Fort Lauderdale and Miami. He’s LaunchPad Holding, LLC’s hard-working co-founder and CEO (Chief Executive Officer). He’s done extremely well for himself throughout his career thus far. He’s a business executive who has a strong international presence. He understands the ins and outs of entrepreneurship like a champion. He’s a mentor and investor. He even writes on a frequent basis. Wakeman has been a big part of so many business efforts throughout the years. He’s been involved in divestitures, startup organizations, downsizing, integrations and even M&A (mergers and acquisitions).


Wakeman handles many responsibilities at LaunchPad Holdings, Inc. This is a company that aims to assist new entrepreneurs who want to soar. It gives them access to Internet business planning assistance. Wakeman regularly posts in-depth and informative blogs that help people who work in the business world ( These blogs go into great detail about topics that involve the evolution of businesses. They talk about up-and-coming markets, leadership and international affairs as well.


Wakeman’s expertise is vast and perpetually growing (AliveNewspaper). He has significant knowledge that involves pertinent subjects such as corporate finance, credit, mergers, private equity, financial modeling and business strategy. He aids people with everything from international expansion to business analysis.

Dr. Mark Holterman Has Given His Life To Helping Children In-Need With Their Medical Needs

Dr. Mark Holterman, CEO of Mariam Global Health, is a busy University of Illinois Professor who is constantly working on learning more about new therapies, writing educational articles, lecturing, and inspiring those who hope to work in the medical field. He also supports countless charities that focus on health and among them are the Children of Vietnam (also known as IPSAC-VN) and the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance. The IPSAC-VN is in existence to help children who are ill by offering them cutting-edge surgery options. By working with hospitals and medical schools in Vietnam the organization hopes to improve the world.


The IPSAC-VN can use volunteers, greatly, and those who are looking to volunteer at IPSAC-VN must have a medical license, send a full CV, and have a valid passport that will continue to be valid for a minimum of 6 months after the time they plan to volunteer in the country. The IPSAC-VN program greatly needs medical professionals who can offer patient care, help to train other medical staff, perform pediatric surgery, and educate students on the latest techniques being used. The IPSAC-VN charity helps to make child care much better in Vietnam and has been helpful in some of the more remote areas of the country.


The Children’s Surgery International (CSI) is another charity that helps to improve the life of orphaned Vietnam girls as well as those who were born into extremely poor families. By providing holistic care, surgery services, and other medical services, CSI works to help children in a thorough way. While this program and others like it are around, there are countless children who still need help, and these charities encourage more medical professionals to offer a helping hand.


Dr. Mark Holterman is happy to be a part of organizations who help needy children, and he freely offers his time and money to help out ( His company, Mariam Global Health, works to solve health issues in the world, offer research into cutting-edge areas of modern medicine and technology, and invests, heavily, in improving healthcare around the world. Dr. Mark is right at the forefront of these endeavors, and he pledges to continue working to find new cures and treatments for the medical issues that plague so many people.

Stream Energy is a leading energy and life service provider making people lives easier.

Stream Energy is formerly known as Stream Energy and is a leading energy service provider.

Stream has come up with new and innovative strategies to reach customers. They have come up with bundling packages and new programs and service lines. Stream strives to make life easy and effortless. Research and developers at stream are constantly brainstorming new and creative ways to further connect customers.

Stream Energy was founded in 2005 and is a company based out of Dallas, Texas in the United States of America ( Stream Energy is a company that has innovated the use of direct selling and has revolutionized the energy industry. In a twelve year period, this energy and provider of connected life services has generated more than eight billion US Dollars. Stream Energy is one of the largest direct selling companies leading the global energy industry.

Stream Energy services are currently available in Texas, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, Washington D.C., and New York.

Stream has something for any lifestyle and any budget to include wireless phone coverage, electricity, and protective services. A service provided by stream is Stream Virtual MD, this program delivers the care you need when you need to speak to a doctor and not able to make it into the doctor’s office. United States Board of Certified doctors are available through a virtual consultation by logging into a secured account on a computer or smartphone application. During these virtual consultations, you are able to obtain a prescription for a medication that you may need to treat your health condition.

Stream has a new real estate deal that will place the firm’s offices in one of the

most coveted corridors which is located along the Dallas North Tollway in Addison, Texas (SaveOnEnergy). Stream Energy has signed a lease for 55,226 square feet of office space.

Energy was the beginning of Stream’s services and today Stream offers more essential services and business opportunities in all fifty states in the United States of America.

Why Jorge Moll Is Encouraging the Use of Technology by Healthcare Service Providers

Technology is currently providing innovative and effective ways professionals can carry out their activities in their respective disciplines. From the introduction of Uber and self-driving cars in the automobile industry to the design and development of the Google Glass for the Healthcare sector. Additionally, modern technology is providing individuals within the scientific realm with the capacity to carry out their objectives in a timely and efficient manner.


Many hubs around the world develop the innovative solutions that modern industries are adopting. One perfect center is the Silicon Valley in America. The Valley as most in the tech world refer to it has been the pioneers of several technological solutions that the healthcare sector is incorporating in the delivery of their services. The adoption of advanced technology by hospitals and other healthcare institutions not forgetting the pharmaceutical industry is taking medicine to new horizons.


Sutter Health is a leading healthcare provider that has focused on using modern technology to provide better healthcare services for its clients and the patients they attend to. DR Albert Chan is the V.P. of Sutter Health; he has been behind the incorporation of new and modern innovative technological solutions by Sutter Health.


On a visit to Brazil, the Sutter Health executive discussed the importance of adopting new technology by the country’s health providers. Among the people in attendance was Jorge Moll, a stakeholder in the Brazilian healthcare sector ( Chan was discussing with the Brazilian healthcare stakeholders on how adopting new technology in the provision of medical services will benefit the patients and medical institutions.


Jorge Moll is one of Brazil’s largest investor in the healthcare industry. He currently runs the largest hospital in Brazil. Jorge Moll is the founder and current president of the D’Or Institute for Research and Education. Jorge is also a well-known supporter of the incorporation of technology to the medical sector. Dr. Chan and Jorge Moll both share the consensus of medical practitioners adopting the Google Glass technology in the provision of medical services. One feature of the Google Glass technology is the devices capability to provide the doctor will all the medical records of a patient using a voice command.

Jeremy Goldstein; the Business Lawyer

No matter the size, industry or the performance of public companies in today’s environment in the corporate business, shareholder activists have a great influence. These companies are thus forced to review their compensation programs ensuring that they take into account the effects of the shareholder activists’ wave of current. Jeremy Goldstein, a business lawyer provides insightful considerations in the management of companies.


Goldstein is the founder of ‘Jeremy L Goldstein and Associates, LLC.’ Corporations turn to attorney Goldstein Jeremy for legal advice concerning employee benefits. Jeremy’s reputation is due to his over fifteen-year experience as a business lawyer who has played significant roles in major transactions involving top companies such as Chevron, Duke Energy, AT &T among others. Jeremy has independently established a law firm and is now serving as a board member of Fountain House-a prestigious law journal and nonprofit firm.


To save money, most firms opt to stop providing employees with stock options. Companies are persuaded to curtail these benefits due to three major problems that include; the probability of significant drop of stock value that may hinder employees exercising options, many employees becoming wary of the compensation method, and the considerable accounting burdens.


To continue awarding employees option and at the same time get the benefits and cuts on the costs, Jeremy advice firms to adopt the right strategy and embrace a “knockout” barrier option. The “knockout” mechanism helps firms reduce the initial accounting costs if the company’s stock is comparatively volatile. Stockholders’ worries on shrinking ownership shares as well are reduced. The knockout clauses that result in compensation figures being lower, looks better for shareholders. Even though the knockout option is not providing solutions to all problems, many of the biggest hindrances associated with stock-based compensation are eliminated.


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Securus Technologies proves that private contractors in prisons really do create value

The last 20 years have been among the best in American history in which to be incarcerated in one of the country’s many prisons. This is largely due to the fact that modern prisoners are able to access cheap means of communication, being able to stay in contact with their family members and friends on the outside in ways that they never were able to do before.


This revolution has been brought about by highly innovative technologies created by such companies as Securus Technologies, one of the largest inmate communications providers in the country. Securus has spent over $1 billion of its own money over the last decade devising new technologies that allow inmates to stay in contact with their loved ones like never before. One of the most innovative technologies the company has devised has been its video visitation service, which allows inmates to communicate face-to-face with their loved ones on a high-definition display for just $0.15 per minute on average.


Securus also provides significant revenues to the institutions in which it does business. In 2016, the company provided nearly $500 million in payments to the prisons in which it operates, making up for significant budgetary shortfalls in prisons across the United States. This revenue is often a means of funding crucial dimensions of the prisons’ operations, such as the hiring of staff and the provision of beds.


In addition, many studies have shown that inmates who are able to stay in frequent contact with their loved ones on the outside, avoiding becoming completely socialized to prison life, have markedly better outcomes upon being released. Securus has shown that prisons that install video visitation systems also have lower rates of behavioral infractions among inmates, leading to a safer environment for both inmates and staff alike.


IDLife & Its Products

ID Life provides nutritional supplements that are designed to meet your daily health needs. All supplements are delivered directly to your home in tightly sealed packets. All supplements are presorted into AM and PM packets.

ID Life offers a free health assessment. The free health assessment is a comprehensive report that will provide recommendations as well as your ID Health score. These reports take into consideration any allergies, illness or daily medications that you may take. The ID assessment can help improve your bone health, heart health and your metabolism.

IDLife offers ID Life Nutrition, IDLife Meal Replacement, Appetite Control Chews, Life Sleep Strips, IDLife Energy Drink and Energy Chews. In addition, part of the nutritional packet also contains ID Lean as well as ID Hydrate. Each supplement serves a specific purpose. Therefore, it is important to read each packet insert carefully.

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Each supplement serves a nutritional purpose and should be taken daily as directed. The IDLife Shakes give your body much needed fuel and they also boost your metabolism. ID Shakes contain whey protein which provides excellent nourishment and it helps curve your appetite.

The Vegan Shakes are also an excellent way to receive proper nutrition. The shakes chia and flax which have vitamins and are enriched with important enzymes.

IDLife nutritional snack bars are highly nutritious and gluten free. ID Life bars are available in tasty chocolate, peanut butter as well as fruit & almond. These bars are perfect for a mid afternoon snack or just before a workout.

Professionals and celebrities alike have tried this amazing nutritional regimen. Troy Aikman has been using these nutritional products for over three years. Mr. Aikman has stated he noticed results within a few months. In addition, he stated he feels better physically and emotionally since he started using these products.

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