Glen Wakeman Knows a Lot About Finances

Puerto Rico is the name of a scenic and lovely island in the Caribbean Sea. It’s been through a lot recently, to put things mildly. Hurricanes Irma and Maria wreaked so much havoc on Puerto Rico. It brought on persistent power outages that disrupted peoples’ lifestyles and comfort levels significantly. That’s only where the frustration began, too. Natural disasters of all kinds can show people just how vulnerable modern life is. It can show people just how vulnerable life in general is. That’s the reason people should all make an effort to assist others who are in the middle of taxing and trying natural disaster experiences. Glen Wakeman is a prominent financial services executive who goes above and beyond to offer his support to human beings who are in the middle of hard and unpredictable circumstances.


Glen Wakeman is based in South Florida. He spends a lot of time in and around Fort Lauderdale and Miami. He’s LaunchPad Holding, LLC’s hard-working co-founder and CEO (Chief Executive Officer). He’s done extremely well for himself throughout his career thus far. He’s a business executive who has a strong international presence. He understands the ins and outs of entrepreneurship like a champion. He’s a mentor and investor. He even writes on a frequent basis. Wakeman has been a big part of so many business efforts throughout the years. He’s been involved in divestitures, startup organizations, downsizing, integrations and even M&A (mergers and acquisitions).


Wakeman handles many responsibilities at LaunchPad Holdings, Inc. This is a company that aims to assist new entrepreneurs who want to soar. It gives them access to Internet business planning assistance. Wakeman regularly posts in-depth and informative blogs that help people who work in the business world ( These blogs go into great detail about topics that involve the evolution of businesses. They talk about up-and-coming markets, leadership and international affairs as well.


Wakeman’s expertise is vast and perpetually growing (AliveNewspaper). He has significant knowledge that involves pertinent subjects such as corporate finance, credit, mergers, private equity, financial modeling and business strategy. He aids people with everything from international expansion to business analysis.