Stream Energy is a leading energy and life service provider making people lives easier.

Stream Energy is formerly known as Stream Energy and is a leading energy service provider.

Stream has come up with new and innovative strategies to reach customers. They have come up with bundling packages and new programs and service lines. Stream strives to make life easy and effortless. Research and developers at stream are constantly brainstorming new and creative ways to further connect customers.

Stream Energy was founded in 2005 and is a company based out of Dallas, Texas in the United States of America ( Stream Energy is a company that has innovated the use of direct selling and has revolutionized the energy industry. In a twelve year period, this energy and provider of connected life services has generated more than eight billion US Dollars. Stream Energy is one of the largest direct selling companies leading the global energy industry.

Stream Energy services are currently available in Texas, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, Washington D.C., and New York.

Stream has something for any lifestyle and any budget to include wireless phone coverage, electricity, and protective services. A service provided by stream is Stream Virtual MD, this program delivers the care you need when you need to speak to a doctor and not able to make it into the doctor’s office. United States Board of Certified doctors are available through a virtual consultation by logging into a secured account on a computer or smartphone application. During these virtual consultations, you are able to obtain a prescription for a medication that you may need to treat your health condition.

Stream has a new real estate deal that will place the firm’s offices in one of the

most coveted corridors which is located along the Dallas North Tollway in Addison, Texas (SaveOnEnergy). Stream Energy has signed a lease for 55,226 square feet of office space.

Energy was the beginning of Stream’s services and today Stream offers more essential services and business opportunities in all fifty states in the United States of America.