“Renovia Inc. Treats Women All Over the World “

UI or Urinary Incontinence is a condition where a person involuntarily leaks urine. This could be the total emptying of a bladder or a few drops only. It affects hundreds of thousands to millions of people all over the world particularly older women and adults. In our world today, urinary incontinence is not widely accepted and is not often discussed simply because of embarrassment and fear. It is very common among woman and more than a quarter of women ages 20 years old above and women who are over 40 are estimated to suffer urinary incontinence. The rates of UI increases with obesity, pregnancy, birth, and age of course. Renovia Inc. is a company that continuously creates different diagnostic and therapeutic products in treating pelvic floor disorders such as urinary incontinence.

The Success of Renovia

Urinary Incontinence happens every time a woman has the sudden urge to urinate or involuntarily passing urine that ranges in volume. The people who experience UI tend to have weaker work performance and social experiences as well as impacting the experience of sexual activity because of the involuntary leakage of urine. UI is also associated with several repercussions and illnesses, a moist environment around the area of the pelvis leads to an increased rate of rashes, the possibility of urinary tract infections, and irritations. Learn more: https://patch.com/massachusetts/boston/renovias-marc-beer-raises-42m-treat-womens-health-issues

Women who experience urinary incontinence on a daily basis knows how inconvenient it is of frequently changing the underwear or having to wear panty liners at all times to avoid discomfort. The main point here is that urinary incontinence has the ability to affect the health and quality of life in a negative way. Learn more: https://patch.com/massachusetts/boston/renovias-marc-beer-raises-42m-treat-womens-health-issues

The Co-Founder of Renovia Inc. known as Marc Beer has raised millions of dollars specifically 42 Million USD in funding the company with its developments and to test new products that they are currently working on. Marc is known for his strategic skills and talents with more than two decades of commercialization and development experience in the field of pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and device and diagnostic industries. People like Marc Beer are exactly who we need in our world and he has been a great influence on our industry because of his endless philanthropic efforts especially to women. He is aware of the effects of urinary incontinence and wants to help in finding the right treatment and cure.

Marc Beer and Renovia focus on treatments for pelvic floor disorders in women. His company markets a smartphone app developed to treat urinary incontinence known as the leva Pelvic Digital Health System along with the EmbaGYN a pelvic floor exercise device. Renovia and its precise and cutting-edge innovations assist women in performing and visualizing Kegel exercises to enhance their pelvic floor muscles.

Gareth Henry : Investment Lessons from a self proclaimed “math geek”

Gareth Henry has built a career within the investment sector that any self-proclaimed “math geek” would be proud of. Gareth has been a Global Head of Investor Relations for various amounts of U.S based companies throughout his career. These include being the Global Head of IR during his time with Fortress Investment Group. Gareth Henry with a degree in actuarial mathematics from the University of Edinburgh has no doubt been successful in utilizing his education into a successful up-ward progression career. We recently sat down with Gareth to understand a little more about the inner workings of his career and some of the ways he’s made it such a success.

How did you come up with your business idea?

Gareth Henry states that he has always been naturally drawn to fiance, coincidentally he discovered that his passion for finance and mathematics merge quite easily. Once he fully understood the inner workings of economics and risk management Gareth was hooked. Furthermore, Gareth attributes much of his success to his natural ability to speak with friends, family, and even strangers about their finances, an ability that would aid him within his investor relations career.

How are your ideas formulated?

first and foremost I must be passionate and enthusiastic about the idea before moving forward, says Gareth Henry. After that, Gareth states that he can move heaven and earth to make his ideas happen.

What tactics have helped grow your business?

Seeking mentors says Gareth. He goes on to say that he has obtained the guidance of about 20 mentors, each an expert in their own field. It takes a level of humility to accept that you need support, in fact, much of the success has come from him simply implementing in new ways what has worked for others within their own companies. Heriot-Watt Alumnus Establishes Gareth Henry Access Bursary And One-To-One Mentoring Program

Visit his LikedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/pub/dir/Gareth/Henry

About Nick Vertucci’s Struggles And Eventual Success

Nick Vertucci put his path to entrepreneurship into an academy that makes it possible for anyone with a determined work ethic to learn how to succeed in business. Nick did not come up with a silver spoon; he had to work through many obstacles to achieve success. His courses are designed to teach those who are not afraid of hard work, how to build winning strategies in real estate. Nick Vertucci came from humble beginnings which were further challenged by the loss of his father when he was only ten years old. Nick continued to develop his tenacity for success, and early misses in the tech industry helped him learn and uncover proven strategies for success in real estate.

Nick Vertucci came of age during the rise of the tech industry when everyone was investing in .coms. Nick also invested but like many others his technology business took a tremendous hit. Around 2004, with his tech business fledgling, Nick enrolled in a real estate course. He used what he learned and began flipping properties for profit. Over the next decade, Nick would build a successful real estate business that would relieve him of his burdensome tech business and its accompanying debt.

Nick Vertucci is a shrewd business student. He learns quickly and is extremely intuitive. He was able to put together NV Real Estate Academy to teach others how to achieve success in the real estate market. In 2014, Nick had achieved financial freedom through his real estate dealings and investment strategies. His courses would give those with the right work ethic, equal opportunities for financial enrichment while also being able to avoid some of the pitfalls along the way.

NVREA is in Santa Ana, California. You can purchase Nick Vertucci’s book that includes his success story and how you can achieve your success on the website. Enrollment information is also available on the web site.