Eric Lefkofsky Looks to Innovate Cancer Research with New Company

There is an information drought tearing a hole right through the most important parts of medical research in the United States. Cancer research is one of the largest medical endeavors in the world and it is woefully prepared to accommodate all of the various researchers trying to find a cure. Eric Lefkofsky, the co-founder of Groupon, is shifting gears in order to take a serious look at this problem and try to find a remedy. Lefkofsky founded the company Tempus in order to address the problems of information accessibility relating to medical research and his solution might just be the key to medical breakthrough.

Eric Lefkofsky is a passionate man who is as well known for his work with Groupon but he is also fiercely dedicated to helping others. You need only look at his work with the Lefkofsky Family Foundation and the Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago to see this as true. Lefkofsky decided to approach cancer research with that same level of passion and compassion and that is what brought him to form Tempus. You see, early on in the development process Lefkofsky came to a startling and stark realization: the medical field was not organized enough or prepared enough to mainline their efficiency of research. The results of this inefficiency was that a cure or treatment would be delayed, people would suffer, and people would end up passing away and more information click here.

Cancer has been stumping the medical research field for generations but with Tempus there might be an opportunity to change the fundamental approach to the work. Lefkofsky routinely tells a story about trying to learn info relating to the medication Herceptin. He points out that you could go into a random cancer center in the United States and be stonewalled if you requested patient care data in order to see why Herceptin worked, what was wrong with it, and how to fix it. He says that researchers would need “a grant and at least 90 days” and what Eric knows.

So how does Tempus solve these problems? The company focuses on putting a technological layer over top the electronic medical records that are commonplace. The result of this work is that all data will be pooled into an aggregated area where patients and health professionals will have near instant access and Eric’s lacrosse camp.

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