Paul Mampilly Lays Out Some Of The Advantages That Modern Hedge Funds Have Over Regular Investors

Paul Mampilly once worked on Wall Street, where he made billions of dollars for the firm’s he worked with. He served Bankers Trust Deutsche Bank, Kinetics Asset Management, and even ING during his younger days, but he now serves average investors who really need his help. Mampilly got tired of making the rich richer and decided to leave Wall Street within the last decade. He now works with Banyan Hill Publishing, where he is the editor of the Profits Unlimited newsletter.

Paul Mampilly earned his MBA while studying at Fordham University, and he has been able to use a lot of what he learned, while there, in his daily life. He has been featured on various media outlets over the years including Fox Business, CNBC and Bloomberg TV and is always glad to offer his opinion and advice related to the stock market. His inside knowledge of the workings of Wall Street have continued to enlighten those who can benefit the most.

Paul Mampilly recently commented during an interview that the stock market today has changed dramatically compared to what it was in the past. Computers have been a large part of this change, and he believes that many hedge funds and other institutions are benefiting greatly from this. Instead of using human traders, like they have in the past, many of these now rely on trading algorithms, which put human traders at a disadvantage. Mampilly works to give people back an edge by helping them to better understand how the stock market works.

Paul Mampilly was recently asked, during an interview, to reveal one of his favorite entrepreneurs. He quickly responded that he has been following Elon Musk and that he admires him because he has the guts to build certain companies during a time when there isn’t a market for them yet. Musk has faced a lot of opposition, and Paul Mampilly was also impressed when he invested his own money into Tesla when it was about to crash in 2008. He also loves that Musk is creating companies that are adventurous and has mentioned the Boring Company and SpaceX as two of these.
Paul Mampilly’s 10 Predictions for Business in 2019

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